Welcome to 2017-18

In great hopes for more snow to come this Saturday. The following programs and races will take place in January.

Buddy Werner program starts Jan. 6. Please check all your kids equipment and make sure it fits. Text or e-mail with any questions to Buddy Werner program director, Shannon Francis,  at francis_shannon@hotmail.com.

Big Wednesday After School Program  starts Jan. 10

Please look regularly under the calendar tab  for training schedule and races, as we approach full speed ahead  this January with all 4 of SWSC programs overlapping and using hill space together base on snow availability. It is important to have the proper equipment for the specific training day.
The Christmas ski camp was a great success with some extra cardio uphill training added as the team hiked to train super G on Joslin. Thanks to Sunlight Mountain crew for preparing and packing the slope so our athletes could train on limited snow conditions.

Let me know if your athlete is planning on dryland with a quick text (970-319-3988) so I can plan and know who I am looking for.

 • Send me a text or e-mail with any questions…

Leigh Sheldrake

Head Coach
Sunlight Ski Team