SST Code of Conduct Policy



Participation in sport, especially one you love, is an important part of each child’s educational development. As well as acquiring a sound knowledge of their sport through focus & dedication, they also gain invaluable personal benefits, not only as an individual competitor but also as a team member. Sport can assist children to develop self-respect and self-discipline and being part of a club can encourage a spirit of generosity and respect towards themselves and others. With this in mind Sunlight Winter Sports Club(“SWSC”) would like to encourage its Training Members to uphold the following Code of Conduct which will enable us to continue as a ski-racing club that is united and committed to and supportive of all of its members. Remember that ski-racing is a privilege not a right.

This Code of Conduct is based on common sense principles.

Each member of SWSC referred to as shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring respect and dignity to the organization and themselves. The below guidelines have a broad application and it should be understood that these principles and rules for conduct are not limited to the SWSC Program, but should be applicable to any and all situations encountered as a ski racer representing the SWSC Program.

Each participant will be expected to accept full responsibility for his/her conduct while participating with SWSC and commit that his/her behavior will reflect positively on himself/herself, SWSC, Sunlight Moutnain and the sport of ski racing. Each participant understands that misconduct includes personal behavior that is not a compliment to himself/herself, his/her family, his/her coaches and fellow athletes.

While a member of SWSC, you will be expected to be an ambassador of SWSC, Sunlight Mountain and the Ski Racing Community in general. This includes any conduct while participating Sunlight Ski Area, or while participating as an SWSC member at any other ski areas and/or in general at-large public areas.

While this document provides a general outline for expected behavior, it is not practical to list rules for every situation that may arise--nor does it account for individual circumstances that surround a potential infraction. However, the following principles should be carefully noted.

Basic Principles

1. The safety and welfare of athletes, coaches, parents and any skiing public guests and any ski area's staff is of primary importance, and all precautions should be taken to insure their safety.

2. Athletes and coaches and parents are to be responsive and respectful to all ski areas guests, staff and property at all times.

3. Athletes and coaches and parents should display the highest level of personal responsibility while engaged in any ski racing related activities.

3. Follow skier responsibility codes where ever applicable.

4. The SWSC seeks to create a welcoming environment to participants, and potential participants. Any exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated.

5. The SWSC has a zero tolerance policy on bullying . Bullying includes, but is not limited to: physical assaults, verbal assaults , ganging-up on an individual excluding members, such as found in "clique" behavior.

6. The SWSC recognizes a no harassment policy. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: Uninvited advances of a physical nature, Uninvited advances of a verbal nature.

Code of Conduct

Respect the members of your club (fellow training members and adult members), coaches, and mountain staff and treat all of those people courteously.

Be aware, learn and observe your responsibilities under the Skiers Responsibility Code.

Once you’ve committed for the season, make the most of it and give it your best.

Get to know other Training Members especially the new members. They need you to be friendly, welcoming and supportive. Remember what it was like when you were a new Member.

Respect all ski area equipment and facilities. Vandalism to public or personal property is punishable by law and appropriate actions will be taken.

Your coaches are trained people, they have a lot to offer you. Take advantage of their knowledge and show them your respect and appreciation. (Respect means among other things, being on time for all dryland/training/racing activities/club meetings).

The Coach will determine the training groups. Their decisions are to be respected.

Look after your skiing equipment. Make sure your equipment is well maintained. Check it the night before races.

Wish all competitors the best of luck. Congratulate a good performance. Good wishes boosts everyone’s spirits.

If you fall during a race or miss a gate, it is only natural that you will be disappointed. Do not however exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct. Throwing of equipment or bad language is not acceptable.

Thank the race officials for their contribution in helping putting on the ski races for you.

Keep the club and ski area tidy by putting your belongings in your area and trash in the bins.

The SWSC trailer is only for use by Members.

If you are last to leave the clubrooms please ensure that the doors are locked. Security of Members and the club’s equipment is very important.

Use of abusive or obscene language is not acceptable in the trailer, on the mountain or on the race course.

After formal training hours, SWSC Training Members are expected to be good citizens on the Mountain and beyond. Poor behavior by a few often reflects badly on the club as a whole.

Involvement with, possession, use or distribution of alcohol (if a minor) is prohibited.

Involvement or taking of drugs, performance enhancing drugs is considered illegal by the board and may be treated by SWSC as a basis for expulsion from the club.

The Head Coach or Board may suspend any Training Member from training following any breach of the Code of Conduct and refer such conduct to the SWSC Discipline Committee (made up of any 1 Coach, Club President and Club Vice President for further consideration.

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