Since 1972, Sunlight Ski Team has offered quality ski race programs for kids from ages 7 through 17, from beginning racers to future Olympic, US Ski Team, or collegiate racers. With great past and present success in producing high-level athletes in the Rocky Mountain/Central Division and beyond, Sunlight remains a participation-based team with an emphasis on learning, improving, and enjoying a lifetime of skiing and sport over pure race results.
All volunteers and coaches are registered with US Ski and Snowboard, undergo background screening, and are trained and tested in the USOC SafeSport program.
Programs range from part-time, two days per week, to full-time Age Class and Ability programs that train and race 9 months/year. We have athletes ranging from just enjoying running gates to top Rocky Mountain Division and National competitors. If you don’t see an exact fit for your athlete, feel free to contact us to perhaps create a  custom schedule.
Work Deposit
A work deposit is required for all programs, based on the athlete’s contact days. Pre-approved work can include hosting races, race and protection preparation, and construction or maintenance help.