Olympic Training Center 2016

Tucker Sheldrake, JP Simpson, Cate Simpson, and Rosalie Potvin will be attending the Rocky Mountain Division U16/U14 Olympic Training Center Camp September 30th-November 1st with coach Leigh, who will be assisting OTC staff with coaching and presenting a classroom session on positive thinking and race-day preparation.

Tucker, JP, and Cate, and Rosalie join other top athletes from the Rocky Mountain Division to expand their physical and mental training.

This is a project of the Regional Development Progression, an extension of the National Training System.

The goal of the RMD Olympic Training Center Dryland Camp is to bring RMD athletes and coaches together in a camp environment to educate the athletes on the basics of conditioning for Alpine Ski Racing.

They will be staying in the Athlete Dorms, eat with Olympic athletes in the cafeteria, and train with Olympic strength and conditioning coaches. Educational sessions from Olympic coaches and RMD coaches include sports psychology, goal setting, and  sports nutrition.

An introduction to an Olympic Athlete with a question and answer session will be a highlight of the weekend (along with the soft serve recovery ice cream at dinner).

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